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£30.00 per half hour

Why Book Violin lessons?

If you are looking to learn to play the violin from scratch or to develop your violin playing further, these lessons will be suitable. You will love them. ūüíô

Learn to play the pieces you have always wanted to play on the violin, or let Henriette map out your violin learning journey. You will not only learn to play the violin with the correct technique, but you will also learn to read music. You will learn to play the violin together with other people and you will learn to look after your instrument. All violin classes are individual lessons. Tuition is tailored to your playing level and playing style and to what you want to achieve on your violin.

Most violin players book a course of lessons, particularly for children and teenagers. However, for those learning to play the violin by themselves Рmaybe with our YouTube videosРbooking a one-off violin lesson maybe useful. It allows you to check if your playing is developing along the right lines. Henriette will also answer any specific questions you may have about your violin playing.


How to book your Violin Lesson?

Booking a lesson or course is easy and takes less than 3 minutes. Please start by selecting your preferred lesson date and time in the calendar below and follow the steps.

Please email us at if you cannot find a date or time that is suitable for you, or if you have any other query. We will help if we possibly can.

  1. Select lesson date. (All dates/times are UK time. Check your time zone carefully please, particularly if you have recently changed to summer/winter time.)
  2. Select lesson duration. All lessons have a minimum duration of 30 minutes. Lesson time can be increased by 15-minute increments up to a maximum of 2 hours per lesson. Simply select your starting and finishing times. The blocks in between will be automatically selected. Click here to check the suitability of lesson length for your playing level.
  3. Add your details, including comments about what you would like to play or achieve (optional). Please also tell us if you want a face to face or online lesson.
  4. Cancellation policy: Please click here
  5. Hit the ‘Book Now’ button.¬†This will add the lesson to your cart. Hitting the ‘Book Now’ button indicates that you are happy with the cancellation policy.
  6. After you have booked your lesson, you should receive a Zoom Link to access your¬†lesson.¬†If you don’t receive this link, please check your Spam/Junk folder or email us at
  • Please note that the UK clocks will move back by one hour on the 29th October 2023 and check your time zone carefully.

What if you are unsure?

If you are unsure about whether violin lessons are for you, or if you need us to assist you in arranging a violin lesson, please get in touch via

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8 reviews for Book Violin Lessons

  1. Sandra Duddy

    I can highly recommend Henriette. As a mature student with a specific goal…to achieve my grade 8, Henriette was focused on helping me to succeed.
    She was punctual and always prepared for my lessons which were enjoyable. In addition, Henriette was very friendly, encouraging and supportive.
    I can highly recommend Henriette`s approach and ability to teach in an effective and relaxed style.

  2. Dan S

    I have always enjoyed Henriette’s lessons as they amplified my passion for the violin. The enjoyment came through the challenging yet fun pieces she taught me, such as the Accolay, and her readiness to answer any question or silly request. Furthermore, her teaching style and environment suited me perfectly because I was never bored during her lessons which helped me achieve a distinction in grade 8. As a result, I aspire to pursue a career in music, and my success will be thanks to Henriette’s time and effort.

  3. Jenny Rivertz

    When our family first arrived in England, we were given Henriette’s details by our daughter’s former violin teacher . Henriette excells both in patience, a varied repertoire, and in her teaching skills. Both children looked forward to their lessons with expectation each week. Henriette showed never ending patience when the one child lacked motivation. Henriette showed a flair of inspiration which always gave the children new energy to practice. Henriette recognised talent in her students and made us parents believe that anything is possible. Henriette gave gentle but constructive advice when one child wished to become a professional violinist. With Henriette seeing the possibilities, that child’s dream is now a reality. Henriette comes highly recommended. Thank you so much.

  4. KimW (verified owner)

    I’m very thankful to have found Henriette. I started learning violin with lessons from a good friend who is a beginner-level violinist. We have great fun and I always learn something at each lesson, but I worried fundamental and finer knowledge/technique were lacking. After watching a number of her Youtube videos, I sought Henriette for online lessons. With each session I learn a handful of fundamental and finer lessons, which prods me on to keep learning and playing. Her “lesson notes” are always spot on and timely, and a fantastic learning tool which I’ve come to appreciate almost as much as the lessons themselves. Henriette’s skill in teaching and violin playing is evident from the beginning to the end of each lesson, and her professionalism and encouraging spirit are beyond reproach.

    If you’ve been thinking about learning violin or, like me, about taking supplemental online lessons, then do seek out lessons from Henriette. I’m certain you’ll benefit greatly and find yourself thankful as well.

  5. Andrea (verified owner)

    It was a blessing to book a first lesson with Henriette for our 8 year old son after watching some of her nice sessions on youtube.
    Now we understand where our son is and how to continue and we saw material progress in just 30-minutes!
    Unfortunately the availability of spots for online violin lessons seems to run out quickly. However, it is definitely recommended also as one-off check. Wished we could have done earlier!

  6. Cameron (verified owner)

    I recently started learning to play Violin as an adult so I could encourage my daughter (8) whilst she learns at school. I am a complete beginner and have no previous music experience at all and yet 3 months later I am at a stage where I can progress with Henriette as a teacher brings a smile to my face. Henriette’s lessons are excellent with lots of encouragement and instruction on technique. She has a knack of spotting where things aren’t going quite right for you and offers great tips techniques to overcome any hurdle you find yourself at on your journey.

    I look forward to my lessons because she is attentive, encouraging and very good at explaining the new technique that applies to the lesson. Each lesson is yours alone and she is fully engaging in teaching you. Henriette has setup her the zoom environment without distractions and it is a good medium for distance learning.

    Henriette’s youtube channel is also very good and can serve as homework whilst you play and practice between lessons.

    I unreservedly recommend Henriette’s lessons.

  7. Michael (verified owner)

    Henrietta is a gifted violin teacher. She is absolutely passionate and her love for teaching violin is evident in her experiences, enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques.
    She is exceedingly patient with my daughter (8 yrs) and encourages her and coaxes the very best effort from her. As a result, I see that my daughter progress each week in her play and it’s a wonderful to see it and my daughter enjoys it as well. I highly recommend Henrietta to you as a violin teacher.

  8. Angie (verified owner)

    Henriette is a fantastic teacher who always points out your good points in playing and is very kind and helpful when pointing out intonation bowing and other improvements to enhance scales and music pieces. I have grown in confidence knowledge and playing ability a surprising amount since starting lessons just 3 months ago having struggled along on my own before. I always come away from Henriette’s lessons with something new learnt and highly recommend taking lessons with Henriette no matter what level you are at! I look forward to each lesson and always have a smile on my face after. Thank you Henriette.

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