1. Tuition in person will be given during school term time and, depending on the availability of the teacher, during school holidays if requested. Tuition online may be booked through the online calendar. Availability of lesson times may vary, depending on the time of year.

2. Bills for face to face lessons will be sent termly in advance and may vary, depending on the number of lessons in each term, as set out in the lesson timetable which accompanies the fee bill. Fees may change each September, and reasonable notice of a fee change will be given. Fees for each term are to be paid no later than two weeks from the date of the invoice. If no payment has been received on the due date, a weekly reminder will be sent, at a cost of £10 for each reminder. Failure to pay after 3 reminders will result in immediate termination of lessons and action to secure payment.

3. Lessons missed, both online and face to face, through the pupil’s non-attendance, whether through illness or for any other reason, such as medical appointments, adverse weather conditions, school closure or school trips must be paid for, although every effort will be made to re-arrange the lesson in case of school trips or school closure. This can however not be guaranteed, is at the discretion of the teacher and may be in the form of an online lesson or a video feedback lesson. Any lessons missed by the teacher will be carried forward and one catch up lesson will be offered.

4. Parental support: It is expected that if a child or young person embarks on a course of music lessons, parents will provide structure and support for regular practice, encouraging a conscientious approach, following instructions set out in lesson notes, ensuring the child is prepared for lessons with instrument and books and maintaining the instrument in good condition.

5. Notice to discontinue lessons must be given in writing, no later than the half term of the term at the end of which the lessons are to cease, otherwise fees for a further term will become payable. 

6. We operate on the basis of trust and respect for each other. Pro-Am Strings has a zero-tolerance policy for disrespectful or intimidating behaviour by either the student or the parent. Lessons will be discontinued immediately, and no refund will be given if such behaviour occurs.