Course Requirements:

For this course you will need:

  • A Violin
  • A Shoulder rest
  • A Book
  • A piece of rosin
  • Music Stand – helpful
  • Coffee mug – helpful and an absolute must for some!
  • Violin wall mount – saves packing and unpacking your violin
  • Music notepaper – practise note writing and write down ideas

To help you decide on the correct equipment for your lessons, please check out the sections below. Please select whether you are in the UK or the USA.




If you are considering buying a violin, you want to go for a reasonably good quality instrument, which is set up correctly for ease of playing and which will get a good sound right from the start.

The full size violin is suitable for young people from about 12 years old and adults. 

For children, please buy a small sized instrument. This is a rough guide to children’s sizes:

5-6 years old: 1/8 size violin, 6-7 years old: 1/4 size violin, 7-9 years old: 1/2 size violin and 10-12 years old: 3/4 size violin.

Shoulder rest:

From 1/4 size violin up, please use a shoulder rest. Shoulder rests come in different sizes, depending on the size of the violin.

This book contains all the songs that you will be learning in the course. 


Rosin makes the hair of your bow sticky, so you can get a good sound from the violin. This is a good quality rosing, which will last a long time.

Music Stand

In order to get a good posture right from the start, I recommend using a music stand, which allows you to play from your music at eye-height.

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Violin wall mount: easy access to your violin at all times and decorative too!

Music notepaper:

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